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Help those in need to stay at home by shopping for friends and family, find people in your area by postcode and trust them to view your shopping list.
While they're out shopping they can tick of any items purchased for you and you can do the same for them.

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Share trusttoshop.com to as many as possible to help protect and safeguard those who need to stay at home.
We need as many people as possible for this to have an effect so once you've registered, get your friends and family on too - let's work together for the benefit of all. Thank you!


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Find friends by postcode you can trust (Only trusted friends can view your shopping list)
While out, trusted friends can see what you need and tick off any items purchased for you
Trusted friends can bring your items along with a reciept
Shopping Requests
Item For Posted Status
Loaf of Warburtons Blue Bread Paul B just now Needed
Cat food Clare S in the last half hour Needed
Cucumber Clare S an hour ago Needed
Block of Mild Chedder Cheese (Coloured) Kelly M 6 hours ago Needed
Toilet Roll Emma S yesterday Needed
Two packs of Beef and Pork Mince (750) Emma S yesterday Needed
6Pack of beans Andy C yesterday Purchased
Semi Skimmed Milk Kelly M yesterday Purchased